Mike Schaeffer's Blog

June 27, 2006

I'm sorry I had to write that title: I just ran across a dialog box even worse than the abominable dialog box. I now humbly present the 'even more abominable dialog box':

This dialog box improves on the last by shortening the time you have to save your work from five minutes to one. It also removes the ability to defer the system restart: you have to restart now. Sadly, it loses abominibility points because it actually tells you what's wrong, but face it, who exactly knows what the 'DCOM Server Process Launcher' does, exactly? Sure, I can make an educated guess, but I'm a geek and have been using and programming on Windows machines for 15 years. If anybody from Microsoft is reading this, let me make this crystal clear: I DO NOT CARE HOW IMPORTANT YOU THINK RESTARTING MY SYSTEM IS: MY WORK IS MORE IMPORTANT. I DO NOT CARE HOW UNSTABLE MY MACHINE BECOMES: I CAN DEAL WITH IT AND RESTART IT MYSELF. I LIVED THROUGH DOS 4.0, WINDOWS 2.11 and WINDOWS 3.0, TRUST ME ON THIS. LET ME KNOW WHAT THE DRATTED PROBLEM IS AND LET ME DECIDE WHEN I NEED TO RESTART. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Seriously, even if Linux were the $300 closed-source monopolistic OS and Windows XP was the free, open-source alternative, I'd be seriously considering switching away from Windows.

Oh, and of course Acrobat reader had to get the last word in. After the restart induced by the last dialog box, I got this: