Mike Schaeffer's Blog

September 4, 2006

Where did Ryan's name come from? Lots of agonizing. We didn't find out Ryan's gender prior to his birth and for some reason it was easier to pick the girl's name than the boy's name. Anyway, here's the etymology:

  • Ryan - We struggled with this one for months. Ryan is actually the name of a guy that Mike worked for for a week and also the last name of a painter we employed about the same time. It fell into our laps and we liked it.
  • Charles - This is the first name of Charles Schaeffer, may he rest in peace. Charles was Mike's paternal grandfather and he passed away around the time Mike was born. Charles was also a part of our wedding: Mike wore a pair of his cuff links as shirt buttons during the cermony.
  • Harrison - Teresa's maiden name, and the name she uses for business purposes.
  • Schaeffer - Mike's family name.