Mike Schaeffer's Blog

November 28, 2006

Teresa and I just re-watched Ghostbusters 2 last night. While watching it, there were a couple scenes that initially struck me as totally being about wish fulfillment. The Ghostbusters have just made some kind of breakthrough, Bobby Brown's "Own Our Own" fades in, and they cut to scenes of the Ghostbuster-mobile tearing around the streets of New York interspersed with shots of the Ghostbusters themselves riding around in the car like refugees from a Beastie Boys video. These are clearly men of decisive action (and you can be one too).

It was the outcome of these two scenes that made me reconsider my opinion. After the first scene, the Ghostbusters fail to convince the mayor of New York of the threat of ghosts and get themselves thrown in an asylum. After the second scene, they end up immobilized by Vigo, writhing on the floor, and ultimately saved by the city of New York singing a nice round of Auld Lang Syne. Wish fulfillment, indeed.