Mike Schaeffer's Blog

October 21, 2006

Believe it or not, Ryan is about to turn three months old. We've also put a few more pictures online in another album. Thankfully, the only real news we have is good news. He's been sleeping through most of the night the last few weeks (knock wood) and has been growing like a weed: At fourteen pounds, he's literally twice the boy he was when he was born. Ryan also had his first major series of vaccinations at his two month doctor's appointment. There were five (!) injections, but he got through it like a little trooper and with no apparant side effects. (Mommy and Daddy will both get flu shots this year, and one of us will have to look back on Ryan's bravery to get him (ahem) through it.)

We're also starting to get settled down into something of a more normal routine: We've enrolled Ryan into a local day care, which started last week. It feels very strange to walk into a building with Ryan and leave without him. That said, as odd as it feels, exposing Ryan to more and more varied social situations will ultimately be a good thing.