Mike Schaeffer's Blog

October 27, 2006

Ryan came down with a significant fever last night. Due to measurement 'complexities', it's hard to know for sure what the exact number is, but I don't think the exact number matters all that much to Ryan. His temperature is high enough the doctor wanted to see him, but not high enough that the doctor wanted to see him NOW. So, we're now waiting for the call back from the Doctor's office to schedule something for today, hopefully as early as possible. Despite his fever, Ryan seems to be doing relatively okay: when he's awake, he's not too far away from normal, smiling, happy Ryan.

While walking him to sleep last night, Daddy came up with a few new lyrics to 'Hush Little Baby':

Sick little baby, go ahead and cry
You feel bad, and you don't know why
Even though you don't know what to do
You should know your Mom and Dad love you.

Update: Two minutes after my initial post, we just got an appointment in half an hour. One of the things I love about where we live is that we're five minutes away from the pediatrician.