This is a small collection of some of the raytracing work I've done over the years. All the source files should render with Persistance of Vision 3.5. All these files are made available to the public domain with no disclaimer or assumption of liability of any kind. The Texaco logo is, of course, entirely the property of the ExxonTexaco corporation. Its presence on this page doesn't indicate any kind of endorsement of this site by ExxonTexaco or any endorsement of ExxonTexaco by me. I just think they have a cool logo.

Christmas Tree Ornament
Picture of raytraced Christmas tree ornament
[download source]

Coffeepot Set
Picture of raytraced coffee pot set
[download source]

The Texaco Star
Picture of raytraced Texaco star
[download source]

Christmas Tree
Picture of raytraced Christmas tree
[download source]