Mike Schaeffer's Blog

February 9, 2005

I've spent a little time doing some things to tweak Bloxsom so that it fits better into my website. So far, I've:

  • Changed the html flavour to refer to my CSS file and use it correctly.
  • Set up a simple hierarchy of post topics.
  • Gotten static rendering working (as a test, it's not in use now.)

    None of this is all that earth shattering, but it was all trivial to do in Bloxsom. For a one-file, 16K Perl script, Bloxsom brings a lot to the table.

    Next on the adgenda is getting a web form set up for posting and hopefully editing blog posts, and then setting up a web-based way to upload images into the blog. My current workflow for posting to the blog involves two levels of nested SSH logins and the use of vi. shudder.