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Fri, 04 Mar 2005
A few good Lisp and Scheme (and Smalltalk) Related Links
It never ceases to amaze me how much good material there is online. Here's some more:

  • Olin Shiver's History of the T implemenatation of the Scheme programming language.
  • Aubrey Jaffer has some interesting material on interpreter performance issues at his SCM site.
  • Alan Kay's Early History of Smalltalk
  • In 1994, Richard Stallman started a debate (flamewar?) on comp.lang.tcl with a post entitled Why you should not use Tcl. The Guile scripting language was the logical outgrowth of this.
  • Kent Pitman has posted a bunch of his writings relating to Lisp and SCheme. Among other things, he edited the Common Lisp Hyperspec, which is an on-line version of the Common Lisp specification.
  • Peter Siebel has written a book, Practical Common Lisp, and has gotten permission to put it online indefinately.

    Ps: Be sure to check out Olin Shiver's philosophy of undergraduate advising. It's an example to be followed. ;-)

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