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Fri, 20 Jan 2006
I hope I never get this cynical about our industry...
"Look, the tech industry is and always will be fucked up. They still somehow manage to make a semi-usable product every once in a while. My Mac is slow as a dog, even though it has two CPUs and cost $5000, but I use it anyway because it's prettier and slightly more fun than the crap Microsoft and Dell ship. But give me a reason to switch, even a small one, and I'm outta here. "Dave Winer.

If you don't know who Dave Winer is, he pioneered the development of outlining software back in the 80's, developed one of the first system scripting tools for the Macintosh, invented XML-RPC, and invented the RSS specification you're probably using to read this blog post. I'm not trying to belittle this guy's point of view, but he's been responsible for developing several major pieces of consumer application software, designed a couple hugely significant internet procotols, and made some signficant money in the process. Most people should be so lucky.

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